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There are many different types of whitening options available. Speak to one of our dentists today to see which option would suit your needs best.


Extractions can be scary and uncomfortable. Choosing a good dentist to look after you for the extraction is very important.

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Invisalign & Braces

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Root Canal

Root canal treatment (endodontics) is a dental procedure used to treat infection at the centre of a tooth. I can save a tooth that might otherwise have to be removed completely.


A dental implant is a fixed solution for one or more missing teeth, and can help restore both your smile and your quality of life.


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Orthodontics with innovative transparent aligners

Invisalign® orthodontic treatment is the newest, most innovative method of correcting problems with bite, teeth alignment or gaps between teeth. With Invisalign, you bypass the discomfort and unattractive appearance of metal braces and replace them with nearly invisible acrylic guides that fit over your teeth.. 

How Invisalign Works

First, your dentist will make a careful examination of your teeth, mouth and bone structure to ensure you are a good candidate for Invisalign treatment. The improvements you wish to make in your smile will be discussed. Then your treatment plan will begin. 

We will take a mold of your teeth and images of your face and mouth and send these to Invisalign. Technicians at Invisalign begin to plan the series of aligners that will gently ease your teeth into their proper position. Your custom aligners are sent back to us. You’ll come see and will show you how to use them.

You’ll check back with one of our dentists from time to time to ensure that all is going well, but you’ll skip the frequent appointments required to tighten metal braces every couple of weeks. 

Every one to two weeks, you’ll stop using one aligner and start using the next one in the series. The number of aligners you receive depends on the degree of alignment your smile requires.

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